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The moving to swim the whole time again he's right over here at each time you can test that back into the ground major arms get tired he likes to boost you got this 321 you don't like the bread together right I level 21 kind of like Russian girl and this is all about you hit by using it that way moving to think about dinner knees back for the night and shoelaces thinking is that helped drive reading this thank you for reading thievery good a step back into an icy plunge in 321 big step back and bro needs and I just think about your hips they had headlight should always be facing forward when you come up right he can hit some high 10 seconds make it 1-1 nicely done with us at this time we going to do a push up into a jumping jack rights are life liberty with a twist 321 go down to the pusher jumping jack could push up you want to bring your chance I know how sharp elbows in tight to the body as you go down ten seconds jack last 12 as economic any one of them halo around us into a courtesy call back around the other way around the head and they were out the other side as we go down to keep that back in lines you not stepping up to you I nicely done I like to call.


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